Much like Christmas, iPhone product announcements (most of the time) come around just once a year. And not unlike Christmas the reality sometimes doesn’t match up to the expectation. Like many, you will probably get caught up in the hype machine; the question is should you really be looking to buy the iPhone 6? Read on for more information.


For the iPhone 6 Apple has bumped the screen size up to 4.7 inches for the regular model and 5.5 inches for the “Plus”. Apple, the company who once mocked large screened phones from the likes of Samsung, are finally catching up to the fact that people want more screen real estate. The new Retina HD display, is set feature 32 more pixels than its predecessor. It all makes for an impressive upgrade on the less than revolutionary iPhone 5 series.


In the camera department Apple has never really produced anything spectacular and that hasn’t changed with the iPhone 6. It still uses the same 8-megapixel camera as the older models, which has a few additional tweaks and features. Improved performance is one thing, but professional photography equipment it isn’t.


iPhone batteries have been notoriously poor in the past. Apple is stating that the battery life on the iPhone 6 has drastically improved; yet early reports are proving otherwise. It is arguably what is holding Apple back, as they still can’t find the perfect formula. Expect reasonable use of 10 hours or more doing menial tasks, yet music and video will still be overly draining.


Slim, sleek and exactly what you would expect from an Apple device. The external camera may protrude a bit too much for some, but both models showcase Apple’s design expertise well. They are constructed out of aluminium in order to keep them light on the weight side of things. It also uses the ever-reliable Gorilla Glass, which should appease those who are clumsy with their smartphones.


It is where the iPhone 6 has come in for the most criticism and it is easy to see why. The company is hanging their hat on Apple Pay, a supposed “new” feature that allows people to utilise a phone like a wallet and pay for items like a credit or debit card. The problem is that it isn’t new, Google Wallet has been around for a while and even upstart companies like OnePlus are using TapPay. Outside of this, the iPhone 6 is sadly just more of the same.


Bigger screens require more advanced technology inside. While the 128GB storage and M8 motion chip are impressive from the performance side of things, there is nothing chip-wise that is going to scare the competition. In fact, post-announcement Samsung and HTC issued adverts that openly mocked the lack of hardware innovation in the iPhone 6.

Final Thoughts

The iPhone 6 will sell in spades no matter what, but it really is only a device for the casual smartphone user or Apple enthusiast. The company may have produced a nice phone, but the competition is definitely providing more “bang for your buck” than Apple right now.

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