Would you like to know how to buy and trade stocks online? It really is very simple to do so once you have gained a basic understanding of how online trading works. Read our simple step-by-step guide to find out more:

Step 1. Choose an online broker: You will need to enlist the service of a brokerage who offer online trading facilities if you wish to buy and trade stocks online. This is because the brokerage can act on your behalf to buy and sell shares for you through the use of a nominee account. Don’t worry, it is you who actually owns the shares!

Step 2. Decide on the stocks: This is a rather difficult task to carry out if you are new to the process of planning to buy and trade stocks online. Reading company reports, financial journals, reports issued by your broker and generally keeping abreast of happenings in the world of finance through the news should all help you to begin to build up an idea of the sorts of companies you would like to trade in.

Step 3. Do some demo trading: By deciding to buy and trade stocks online, you are making the decision to use an online trading platform to carry out your trades. For many inexperienced traders, this will be the first time that they have used the internet to carry out trades. As such, your brokerage should hopefully take steps to educate you in the art of online trading.

Step 4. Decide on a budget: When you buy and trade stocks online, it is sensible to be sure of how much money you wish to spend on your endeavours. Remember that you should only ever trade an amount of money that you can afford to live without.

Step 5. Have an exit strategy: Many a trader has been caught out due to the fact that when they started to buy and trade stocks online, they placed trades without at the same time placing stop losses. Stop losses give you a way to protect yourself from excess damage should a trade go wrong and as such are a key part of responsible trading.

After carrying out the steps listed here, you should be ready to begin to buy and trade stocks online.

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