If you are at all interested in the fast-developing world of cryptocurrencies, then you will be pondering the future and asking yourself: ‘What will be the top cryptocurrency for 2018?’ In this article we will look at some of the contenders for the crown, but first here are a few notable ‘runners-up’, which are, in themselves, eminently worth your closer attention.

It may seem unusual to place bitcoin outside the top two, or indeed outside the top one, especially considering the very successful 2017 that this, the father of all cryptocurrencies has enjoyed. Bitcoin has been described as ‘unstoppable’ and certainly 2018 might well see bitcoin make further strides forward, with developing level two solutions and/or increasing merchant adoption and also the potential of investors of institutional level investment. When you consider the torrent of good publicity which bitcoin has enjoyed and which it looks set fair to continue to enjoy, and also the fact that the currency looks likely to exceed the psychologically significant $10,000 level in the first quarter, then you might wonder why bitcoin is not at the top of this list. The fact is that there is a possibility that bitcoin will fall a victim to its success and experience a major pullback in 2018.

Leaving aside the claims of such worthy currencies as Ethereum, the prediction market platform Stox and the potentially very lucrative anti-scalping platform Blocktix, we come to Aragon, which is this article’s suggestion as the potentially top cryptocurrency for 2018. This may come as a surprise to you if you have been following the fortunes of this platform in 2017. If this is the case then you will undoubtedly know that after a strong first quarter, Aragon fell back against both bitcoin and conventional currencies during the rest of the year and is thus, by general consent, under-priced. This would not, in itself, necessarily be a good sign, but, as always, there is more to the story than a simple outline would suggest.

It is not just that Aragon, a platform designed to create other decentralised organisations, enjoyed a highly successful ICO, which was the fourth largest crowdfunding event in the history of such occurrences, and also the second biggest blockchain event so far, but the potential for further expansion which the platform offers. It is entirely possible that Aragon will become a great publicly owned giant of a cryptocurrency, spanning all borders and using its blockchain space and always improving technology to give birth other similar ventures. The cooling off period in 2017 coincided with the introduction of some of these new technologies which seem to be performing well so-far. Taking these factors into account and factoring in the under-priced nature of this platform, it is easy to see how Aragon could potentially become the top cryptocurrency of 2018. However, remember the warning given earlier in this article and do your own research. There are many sites available now that will give you all the information you need about all of the world’s cryptocurrencies.

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